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Nadia Comaneci exclusive IIANA outfits

The Metal ball

Our 4-th video for Ubikubi features a metal ball in a dynamic, yet simple role of a switch.

“/” Lamp

Our first project for Ubikubi, made in 2014, is a presentation film for an awarded and well recognised product designed by Dragos Motica. We focused on "designed to be broken" special feature of  "/" lamp.

Soup Loop

This short&tasty video was made for Olivia Zahalca's crowdfunding campiagn for her project Soup Loop. We are proud she was able to raise all the funds for her project.


Another project for Ubikubi. This time for Dragos Motica's ALBE Collection consists of kitchen containers, inspired by the edible mushrooms found on Romanian ground. Picking mushrooms after summer rainy days is an old habit in rural areas close to forests.These mushrooms have particular names, according to the areas where they grow. 


 According to their website Lendrise Marketplace, Inc is a fintech startup working on an online platform that will give the American investors the opportunity to obtain a better yield by funding directly well vetted EU consumer loans. We choose a funny way to tell their story:

You’ve got flowers

The third video for Ubikubi narrates the story of Ruxandra Sacalis's "You’ve got flowers!" vases, which  translates the traditional mailbox into a flower vase where you can receive flowers instead of letters. It aims to challenge the way people communicate their messages, ideas and feelings in the modern world.