Wall is our most recent shortfilm. It was filmed in July 2015 and now is in post production stage. we were very happy to work with talented teenagers. Thank you and well done to Sara Cuncea, Emanuel Bighe, Matei Huidu, Dragos Olaru and Roxana Irimia !

An old man on a wheel chair is at the close end of a hospital corridor, looking in our direction.
A young man, Marcel, is sitting on the couch and, shortly after, a young woman joins him. Before her boyfriend, Alex, also arrives, a brief syncopate conversation quickly suggests why the three of them are meeting there. She made a mistake after a party and she is about to fix it, with Marcel’s help.
How much of what goes on before your eyes is related to what goes on within?

The project was selected in C3PM (co-production market for post-production of short films) of Courts Devant International Short Film Festival in France. The film will be ready in February 2016.

Cast / Crew / Making of (made by Vlad Dobrescu)

Marcel – Emanuel Bighe

Irina – Sara Cuncea

Alex – Matei Huidu

The bodyguard – Dragos Olaru

The pregnant woman – Roxana Irimia

Director – Dan Radu Mihai

Screenwriter – Dan Radu Mihai

DOP – Patru Păunescu

Producer – Bogdan Botofei

Sound – Marius Obretin

Editor – Dorin Pene